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Happy New Year!  Yes, the 2018 New Year is upon us.  Since God is clear in His command to love our neighbor as our selves and to love Him with all of our hearts, I thought I’d share with you something...

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How to Share Christ with an Atheist, Agnostic or Jew

Dear eSermon Friends, What an exciting day!  Think—this day holds unlimited potential because it’s filled with the promises of a God whose desire is “yes” and “amen.”  How cool is that?  This was my reading today, Isaiah 30:18: Yet the LORD longs...

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Christmas - The Mystery Unfolds

It’s a VERY busy time of the year, so I’ll keep this short for two reasons: your time and mine.  LOL! This is one of my favorite sermons in the Proclamation Series.  Maybe because it’s fun and at the same time profound.  From my birth...

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