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Forgive me for making this email relational to personal matters. Please take a moment—C. H. Spurgeon said, “Short prayers are long enough”— and say a short prayer for the finalization of LOVE, LUST & LIES.  We had hoped for a 2016 fall release, then Christmas, then a Valentines 2017 release.  Not to go into details, but we have faced one hurdle after the other. 

We, the Hijacked Life team, honestly believe Satan doesn’t want this book published.  Why?  It’s about the lie that is hijacking our culture.  It’s about the lie that is pilfering so many individual lives, marriages, homes and career; robbing them of their promise and potential.  Furthermore, it affords the reader opportunity to “receive Christ” (John 1:12) upon reading The ABC’s of Salvation.

I say this with utmost humility, doing so by quoting Sharon B. Hervold (one of our team members) who said, “Pastor, this is your best work to date.  You’re learning to be an accomplished writer.”  I’m not so sure I’d go that far, but I would agree with her in this—it is my best work.  (Although I don’t think the first two are too bad, either.  Smile!)  There is hope and healing in the ways of the LORD, which are more often than not, contrary to the culture in which we live. 

LOVE, LUST & LIES (LLL) is a powerful pocket sized book about sex—when it tells the truth and when it lies, focusing on building meaningful and lasting relationships.

If you have 20 seconds, peruse the hijackedlife.com website and discover a number of ways in which to NOT let your life be hijacked: Don’t let your walls be hijacked—ARTDon’t let your health be hijacked—the best in SUPPLEMENTS; See what God has to say—ASK THE PASTOR…and more.  

Tell me what you think below!

In Jesus,


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