Christmas - The Mystery Unfolds

It’s a VERY busy time of the year, so I’ll keep this short for two reasons: your time and mine.  LOL!

This is one of my favorite sermons in the Proclamation Series.  Maybe because it’s fun and at the same time profound.  From my birth at Underwood Hospital in Woodbury, NJ to the Five Senses Prayer to the Holy Spirit Prayer, we look at the mystery of Christmas UNFOLD.

The “mystery of Christmas,” the Five Senses Prayer, the Holy Spirit Prayer, the worthlessness of potential unless it unfolds all lies within this sermon. 

Here’s the truth, the unadulterated truth—I HATE sin and I LOVE sin.

  1. I like the pleasure that sin brings, but
  2. I hate the consequences sin brings.
  3. My Spirit man hates sin.
  4. My flesh loves sin.
  5. Obedience to my Spirit man is life.
  6. Giving into the flesh and sin is death. 

So, what happens if I/you get off track, run off the road, take a spill? What’s the answer?  It’s found in Christmas—The Mystery Unfolds.

If you’d like a transcript of this sermon, “Christmas—The Mystery Unfolds,” which addresses the phrase “as it unfolds” in our Proclamation, reply below.

In Jesus,


Loyalty is a man’s best friend. Josh1:9&Heb13:5/JBS

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Flo - December 16, 2017

please send me the transcript!! Great topic

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