Do Pets Go To Heaven?

Funny, for years I would voice my complaint about stores that would play Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  Today, I’m sitting at the Dining Room table with papers from one end to the other trying to get caught up on mail & personal matters listening to Christmas music on ACCURADIO.COM (Quiet Christmas Eve) – it is one of many different “Christmas holiday” options.  Typically, if I'm listening to Christian radio it’s WIAMRADIO.COM, but WIAM doesn’t play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.  Smile!

Question“Do Animals Go To Heaven?”  Specifically, “Do Pets, Your Pet(s), Go to Heaven?”  That was our Hijacked Life FACEBOOK LIVE today (November 16,2017) @ 12 noon.  Every Thursday—almost—we address a subject live on Facebook.  All live video airings are posted and can be watched at anytime in real time.  Also, be encouraged to ask questions to which Christine (executive assistant) or I will reply.  Again, that’s Thursday’s at NOON on my personal Facebook page, JOSEPH BRUCE SOFIA.  

As to this week’s sermon: We are all quick to ask for it but often hesitant to offer it.  That’s the subject of our message this weekend, “Justice and Mercy—God’s Way of Worship.”  With a nation divided on so many fronts, Pastor John Kulikowski addresses how, as Christians, these two words justice and mercy should direct our walk regardless of world around us.

In Jesus,


Loyalty is a man’s best friend. Josh1:9&Heb13:5/JBS 

PS – To hear the answer to “Do Pets Go to Heaven?,” go to my personal Facebook page, Joseph Bruce Sofia, and watch the posted video.

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