Do You Attend an Unhealthy Church

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There is a fine line between yesterday and tomorrow. If we get stuck in yesterday we’ll implode; if we forget yesterday we’ll self-destruct.  What does that mean?  Yesterday must be a part of today, but today must always point towards tomorrow.

As a nation we can’t forget our history—any of it—the good and the bad.  It’s what formed us.  It’s our teacher.  And more than anything else, we’d better not remove One Nation Under God in anything that we do, or we will be One Nation Gone Under, as former President Reagan put it.

Nor as a church can we forget the pillars upon which, under the direction of the Spirit, GCCC was built.  If we do, we will be a church gone under. Therefore, how do we not forget the past, live in the present, and press into the future?  The answer is simple (although not so simply done): … that’s the first part of this sermon.  The second, is, well…fun.  We look at the “10 Signs of an Unhealthy Church” and ask (and answer) the question: Do you attend an unhealthy church?  It all points to this week’s sermon: The WOW! of Tomorrow.

If you’d like a transcript of this week’s sermon, The WOW! of Tomorrow, please reply below. (And find out what are the 10 signs of an unhealthy church.) 

PS - Pictured: Mac’s first personal computer, "Lisa.”  It retailed for $9,995 and packed 5MB. Your cell phone is most likely six thousand four hundred times faster and can do 6,400 times more.  LOL!

If you are in the area of Gloucester County Community Church in Sewell, NJ we are celebrating our 35 anniversary. Join us for a fun filled weekend!

FRIDAY, July 14, CONCERT with Aaron Shust @ 7:30 pm (Main Auditorium)

SUNDAY, July 16,  Worship Service 9:15 (only one service)

SUNDAY, July 16,  Summer Bash 11am

SUNDAY, July 16,  CONCERT introducing Chapel Heights Music 3:30pm (Outside) 

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