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Let’s talk my wife, Sheryl’s b-day, family, and Father’s Day in lieu of this recent Father’s Day weekend. 

Two Friday's ago was Eden’s day in court so to speak.  Noelle, our daughter, has had her since she was 6 days of age. All indications are she will be adopted by fall of this year.  We are blessed, and I’d like to believe she is too.  TGBTG!

Last Monday was our oldest grandson’s gym show (AJ age 11).  I must tell you (as my Dad would say), he was pretty amazing. If you have a few seconds go to my Facebook page (Joseph Bruce Sofia) and watch his Floor Exhibition and Rings routine. 

The other day, was my wife’s b-day. Without reservation, I am a blessed man. When the Bible says, “A man who finds a wife finds a good thing” (Prov18:22), it was speaking of me. When I met Sheryl I received the best gift this side of Heaven other than my salvation. 

As those of you in the ministry well know, there are always things calling your name, EVERY day.  So, we did well getting out of the house by noon.  We took a little trip through Salam County to Vesuvio’s Ristorante where we enjoyed a delicious Greek salad and pizza outside in near perfect weather.  We then went to the Premium Outlets where we treated one another to b-day and Father’s day gifts. LOL! After a full day out on the town—well, not really—we chilled out at home and watched a powerful movie entitled Mr Church starring Britt Robertson and Eddie Murphy. If you’ve got 1 hr 44 minutes to feed your soul, I highly recommend it. It’s not a faith-based movie, but it’s message of lovefamily and hope speak ever so loudly.

Okay, what about this past weekend?  It was Father’s Day and men are very special at GCCC on Father’s Day.  Our speaker, Rob Maaddi, held everyone spell bound as he shared his life story from sports journaling to sports books to sports radio to TV celebrity to prison minister.  Rob’s message paralleled his life and was entitled, "Fan, Follower, Disciple." This was one incredibly powerful story. Oh, and EVERY adult male present received a gift—and boy, did they love it!

Those of you who would like to read a brief article on the origin of Father’s Day, go to and click on The History of Father’s Day (posted June 13, 2013)

Happy Father’s Day!

In Jesus,


Loyalty is a man’s best friend. Josh1:9 & Heb13:5/JBS 

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