God's Favorite Tool

Yes, it’s a crazy world!  Bill O’Reilly, the number one cable news program for nearly 20 years running is now gone.  Yes gone…on sexual harassment charges, which, to my understanding were never proven.  Was it easier for FOX to settle than fight or were the accusations true?  Only God, the women and Mr O’Reilly really know.

But that’s not the point of this email other than to say that in today’s world of instantaneous communication for the entire world to hear and see, someone could say anything about anyone (including you or me), what is said be totally bogus and ruin a person’s life for life.  Scary world we live in, isn’t it?

Well, now that I’ve got you agreeing or disagreeing with my first two paragraphs (Smile!), let’s focus on this week’s WOW moment.  It’s WOW #5—God’s Favorite Tool.  Just as an artist, carpenter, mechanic, musician, preacher, house cleaner, etc., has a favorite tool, so does God. 


The Word of God is expressly clear, God has MANY tools—lightning, the sword, the hand, etc.—but out of them all, He has ONE favorite.  What is it?  If the answer doesn’t give you chills or goose bumps, nothing will.  In fact, it should blow you away.

If you’d like a transcript of the sermon, The WOW! Collection, Pt5—God’s Favorite Tool, reply and comment below. 

In Jesus,


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