Great Job, Josh!

Dear eSermon Friends,

Wow!  Where do I start?  So much to put in just a few short paragraphs. 

Let’s begin here …  Clearly Jesus the Messiah, the Savior of the world, was not a result of time, chance and random selection (evolution).  He was “born” with 'value', for a 'purpose', complete with 'promise' and 'potential', that would change the world forever...and so were you. 

This week’s sermon begins an exploration of the words we say every week when we, with hands raised and voices proclaiming: “I was born with value and purpose, my life has promise and potential as it unfolds according to God’s eternal plan.” 

It’s impossible to reveal the transforming power in those words.  Just start with “I.”  (That’s next week.)  How about “born.”  Consider the words of the angel when they announced the birth of the Christ child to the shepherds.  Note, he did not say, “For unto you “evolved this day,” or even, at this moment, “conceived this day,” but “’born’ this day in the city of David a Savior who is Christ the LORD.”  Yes, it was a WOW! moment for me, hopefully, it is for you, too.

If you’d like a transcript of this week’s sermon, “The Wow! In and Of Our Proclamation, Pt 2,” fill out the form below.

Now, hang in there for one more paragraph.  It’s not often that I get to visit other churches.  (Even when I’m not in the pulpit, I’m usually a part of the service.)  However, this past weekend I had the privilege of visiting Upper Deerfield U. M. Church where one of our own, Joshua Hughes, was recently installed as Senior Pastor.  It was such a thrill seeing Josh and Lindsey.  The service was beautiful, filled with warmth, a doctrinally sound message, and yes, a conclusion with the ABCs…and add a “D.”  Great job, Josh!  May our merciful LORD advance the Kingdom through your faithfulness!

There’s so much more bursting forth within my soul, but this is already too long.  LOL!  Have a blessed Labor Day! 

In Jesus,
Loyalty is a man’s best friend. Josh1:9&Heb13:5/JBS 

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