In-prisoned for Christ

Greetings from Lancing, MI!

As many of you know am part of one of the most rewarding experiences in my entire year—traveling with the Deacons.  This year we are ministering in the Michigan prison system approximately one hour from Lancing.  Here is a very brief summary of each day to date.

WEDNESDAY JULY 27 (RICHARD A. HANDLON C. I.)  Flew out of Philadelphia to Detroit.  Checked into the hotel and then traveled to Richard A Handlon C. I. where we “Played one game, won 13-4. Presented the GOSPEL to 21 inmates 14 gave their lives to Christ. Rough population, level 4 Max. Holy Spirit broke through. TGBTG!”

THURSDAY JULY 28 (BELLAMY CREEK C. I.)  “Unbelievable! I have traveled with the Deacons/Saints for 15 years and have never seen a more awesome display of hitting than today. Won another 2 games 25-2 and 19-6. Fifteen (15) more in the Kingdom plus many divine appointments.”

 “Played another population @ Bellamy Creek C. I. Won both games 32-7 and 8-4. Witnessed 14 inmates receive Christ. Another victorious afternoon. TGBTG!”

IONIA C. I.  “Closed the day at Iona C. I. Won 13-4 and witnessed 7 FTDs.”

FRIDAY JUNE 29, 2017 (CARSON CITY EAST)  "’We have a strong church at this compound’," the Chaplain assistant said to me while I was mixing with the inmates talking trash. Wow! How true. The 'atmosphere' was permeated with the beautiful presence of Jesus. The Deacons were as flat this morning, and off, as they were up and on, yesterday. Lost 20 - 7. Witnessed 10 FTDS.”

(CARSON CITY WEST)  “Amazing! A female prison employee asked if she could pray with us before we checked into the yard. Her prayers, and yours, worked. We witnessed 10 inmates receive Christ and had a miraculous camaraderie. Deacons won in 7 innings 24-23. TGBTG!”

“Got back to the HOTEL where we had devotions siting those rare spiritual moments when individually each of us has encountered God seeing the world and all it has to offer as “vile,” or the glory of the LORD in such a way that there were no words to describe it.”

(Tomorrow we play 2 double headers in two different prisons, hitting the road at 6:40 am; Sunday we play in two different prisons before flying home.)

Please keep us in your prayers.  The schedule is grueling.  Pray that the LORD will give us health, safety, and energy, and above all a great harvest.











(There are far too many divine appointments in each prison to recount here.)

In Jesus,


Loyalty is a man’s best friend. Josh1:9&Heb13:5/JBS


Photo taken leaving Ionia C. I.  

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