It's A Crazy World!

It’s a crazy world!  

In my lifetime, politics have never more party-lined, the media has never been more hateful towards a President, the economic indicator tells us “things are moving UPWARD at an amazing rate (personal wealth grew by the billions in February), Europe is in crisis, ISIS continues, almost uncontrollably, to put fear in the hearts of Christians and Muslims alike, devouring nearly everything in its path (it’s no JV team for sure), moral issues divide us a never before, TV and Hollywood want us to believe homosexuality is natural, women have the right to choose murder, and the list goes on.  Yes, it’s a crazy world!  

But it’s nothing new—read the Bible—same old world just unfolding at a much FASTER pace.  Do not fear!  GOD is sovereign over the affairs of men and in control (Daniel 2:21 & Dan 4:17).

This week our attention will be directed to those time wasters common to most of us.  From moral relativism to procrastination, we will see how easy it is to waste the precious moments God has given us to live for the eternal rather than the temporal.  We can, however, do something about it. 

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"It's a Crazy World"

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