It's Finally Here! & The Wow! of God's Thinking

Please forgive my excitement, but it’s here—finally!  Whew, one year later than hoped for.  But, God’s timing is NEVER wrong.  Love, Lust & Lies arrived six days ago and will go on sale this 4th of July weekend on HIJACKEDLIFE.COM

(Those of you who sponsored should receive your book today or tomorrowpreorders can be picked up in The Garden Bookstore this weekend.)

Thank you all for your prayers, and to many of you, your financial support.  Now the real job begins.  LOL!  Placing it in the hands of teens, single adults and parents… and whoever else is interested in love, lust or lies.  Your prayers are coveted. 

Radio spots will run this weekend on SOJO 104.9 FM, and Cable & TV spots will air soon (TBD).  I’ll be signing books July 8-9 in GCCC’s Main Lobby following each service, and at the Summer Bash between 1:30-3:00pm (July 16).

This is what people will be seeing on Facebook this weekend. Keep an eye out for it in your feed....

Ok, now to this week’s sermon, which I love: The WOW! of God’s Thinking.  The sermon is inspired by Isaiah 55, when God says “My thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not My ways.”  We hear that all the time, but WHAT IS THE CONTEXT?  This one will blow you away…it did me.

For a transcript of WOW! #13, The WOW! in God’s Thinking, fill out the comment section below.

In Jesus,


Loyalty is a man’s best friend. Josh1:9&Heb13:5/JBS 

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