It's GREAT news!

Good news!  Yes, and even more—it's GREAT news!  I hope that you are as excited and thankful, as am I that three US Citizens, held hostage by North Korea, are now on US Soil. 

I remember the first time I visited India and returned home.  This is the God-given truth, when I exited the plane I knelt down and kissed the ground thanking God for a safe trip, and that I was born and lived in America.  The people in India I met were lovely, the ancient sites were impressive, but what we have as a culture—all a result of our Judeo-Christian heritage—has no equal.

Have you’ve ever wondered about “women in ministry” from God’s perspective?  That was our topic on Hijacked Life Live, Thursday @ 1pm on my personal Facebook page, Joseph Bruce Sofia.

The most watched post still remains, “Is Marijuana, If Prescribed by a Doctor, Ok to Use?”  Over 2.9K views.

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Enlanuamn - June 3, 2021

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