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Three short paragraphs (hopefully).

Let’s start with “How to Have a Special Christmas when You don’t Have.”  That was our subject on Hijacked Life Live, today.  This live Facebook airing has a very dear spot in my heart because I share Sheryl and my very first Christmas together.  We literally had $20 each to spend on each other.  The other illustration is from Anne Heche’s book, Call Me Crazy.  I remember Anne from being the Youth Pastor at Mt Pleasant Methodist Church.

Real. Life. Christmas …1948.  A unique Toy Shoppe with an unusual history delightfully delivers a gift no one ever expected.  Show times for this full-blown, original Christmas production are Saturday December 9th @ 3:30 and 6:30 pm, and Sunday December 10th @ 9:15 am and 12:15 pm.  Childcare is provided.  LORD willing—See you at the show!

Jack the Baker: “On Tuesday [of this week], the SCOTUS began hearing oral arguments in the famed Masterpiece Cakeshop case.  The case is a seminal one for religious liberty. It pits the ability of local and state governments to enforce “anti-discrimination law” against religious practice rights for business owners; it essentially decides whether or not religious people can practice their religion in their place of business.  This goes to the heart of religion in the USA.”  The comments posted on my personal Facebook page (Joseph Bruce Sofia) are worth reading.  This was my favorite, obviously bearing my opinion:

 "As a designer you are technically participating in a message when you design something. It’s very personal. I doubt that a holocaust victim would be forced to design something that was pro nazi or a black person would want to be forced to design a cake enforcing the klan. There’s has to be an exemption for people who have convictions." Linda Berlingeri Crank

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