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Don’t you love it when God speaks to you?  Now, don’t get spooked by what I just said.  In the Old Testament people would inquire of God and He would answer them via dream, prophet, seer or priest.  If you were Moses, God spoke to you face to face (Exodus 33:11).  Yes, he was special, the most humble man on the earth (Numbers 12:3).

In the New Testament God speaks to us in our “gut,” that is Spirit to spirit, since His Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God (Roman 8:16).  Now, we must test the spirits to discern between what is our flesh and what is His Spirit.  Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we don’t.  It’s an art discerning His voice.  However, you know in your know-er that it is God speaking to you.  Let me share one of those moments.

I was reading The Word for You Today, Thursday April 27, 2017.  The author was addressing prayer, and he (or she) quoted Job 11:16-19“You will forget your misery; it will be like water flowing away.  Your life will be brighter than the noonday.  Even darkness will be as bright as morning.  Having hope will give you courage.  You will be protected and will rest in safety.  You will lie down unafraid, and many will look to you for help.”  NLT 

IMMEDIATELY, I felt the LORD say to me, “Raise your arms and pray.”  What did He mean?  No matter what I was going through He wanted me to praise Him in prayer with arms lifted to Heaven.  Immediately, I knew why.  What we give to Him, He’s got; what we hold on to He doesn’t.  Why worry?  Why fret?  Why not praise and trust?  He cannot fail.  I was smitten with conviction for doubting and grumbling.  A deep settled peace flooded my soul.  I knew I had nothing to fear.  Give it to Him—He’s got it.  I’ve been raising my hands to Heaven every morning and evening praising God for all things ever since, knowing I can trust Him in and through all things.  (1 Chronicles 23:27)

This past weekend’s sermon was The WOW! of Motherhood—Things My Mother Taught Me.   If you’d like a transcript of this past weekend's sermon, reply “yes” below.

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