My Life has Promise...

Let’s start with an answer to prayer.  For over two months now, and five days a week the GCCC staff gathers at 10 am, whether at church or elsewhere, praying for a financial miracle to bring the sanctuary out of the 90’s into the 20’s, and to reach the 92% of millennials who do not attend church.  The other night GCCC held its annual Trunk or Treat.  It was absolutely beyond comprehension.  The campus was filled with millennials—thousands of them.  The largest crowd we have ever seen on the GCCC campus at one time.  Parents, singles, children, babies…and yes, senior adults.  However, the majority of people on the campus where those 35 years of age and under—with their children.

Please, at this moment, for sake of Jesus, saved souls, and the Kingdom, pause, take 20 seconds and pray that God would use that night as a bridge to open the hearts of the unsaved to receive Him, and the unchurched to find a church home.  Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven Life says this about church:

"A thousand years from today, if there's still Earth … there won't be a Microsoft. There won't be a Hollywood … . There won't be a United States of America, because no earthly kingdom lasts forever. There won't be all of the things we think are so great, but there will still be the family of God. God's people last. It's the only thing that's going to last. … I make no apology in saying to you that … joining a spiritual family [church] will be the most significant thing you do with your life."

Thanks for praying!

As for this weekend’s sermon, we continue our study looking at our Proclamation, specifically the phrase: “My life has promise … .”  The thought behind a "promise" is that it will happen and won't be soiled by brokenness. Yet we know that life is filled with unfulfilled and broken promises. God has said, "Your life has PROMISE." In this sermon we find out how and why the promise of YOUR life can come to fulfillment.

Check back next week to obtain a link to the sermon on video - or come this weekend and hear it live. 

In Jesus,

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