Right Motive - Wrong Method

Goodness where do I start?  So much has happened this week—the “news” is blowing up.  SCOTUS upheld Trump’s revised immigration ban and CLEARLY gave a thumbs up for Pro-life pregnancy centers, and SCOTUS justice Anthony Kennedy retires July 31st of this year giving President Trump another US Supreme Court appointment. 

Then today we had still another “shooting.”  Yes, I agree, it’s not the gun that pulls the trigger, but something has to be done about a society of “loonies” who kill without conscious.  Maybe the first place we begin is by putting God and His word back in the “public arena.”  When God was in the public arena His word was our governing authority; that is no longer the case and we are suffering the consequences.  Secondly, why does anyone need an “assault weapon” other than the military and police?  This shooting, to our knowledge, was not an assault weapon, but many of them have been.  Not to open this up to debate (and I’m not looking for a fight), but I would love to know why anyone other than police and military needs an assault weapon.  If you disagree, please reply, I would genuinely love to know why. 

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