The Man of God

Summer is officially here.  The kids are out of school, graduations have come and gone and Jersey heat will say, “Hello!”  LOL!

As to this week’s sermon, here’s an excerpt from the introduction:

“The man of God” is a phase common to the Old Testament, but only found once in the New Testament.  I have found it to be a phrase uncommon to church jargon in America—at least in the circles in which I travel—but common in many foreign countries.  For instance, my dear friend Dr Samuel Verghese often—more often than not—greets me with the words, “Man of God.” … Clergy friends that I meet on my Facebook page, greet me with the phrase, “Man of God.”

Moses is the first person in the Bible referenced as “the man of God” (Deuteronomy 33:1; 1 Chronicles 23:14; Ezra 3:2).  The phrase "man of God" is used once referencing the angelic messenger, who came in the form of a man to bring a message from God apprising the wife of Manoah that she was to bring forth a male child who would deliver Israel from the oppression of the Philistines (Judges 13). … In 1 Samuel 2:27, “man of God” was used to describe a prophet who spoke on behalf of the LORD to the high priest Eli about the divine judgment soon to come on his sinful family.  It was used again in 1 Samuel 9:6 to designate Samuel himself as ‘the man of God’.  And I could go on. 

Clearly what distinguished “the man of God” in all of these Bible passages is that when he spoke on behalf of God, he could not twist the facts for his gain—just like Balaam could not twist the words of God to curse Israel.  We would accurately say, ‘the man of God’, when commanded by God to speak in His behalf, spoke infallibly. 

But, my WOW! moment came when reading the account of Elisha, “the man of God.” … What is the WOW! in the phrase or reference “the man of God?”  The man of God could … can’t give it away now can I?  Well, how about a hint?  It has everything to do with what we can see in the Spirit but can’t see in the flesh. 

If you’d like a transcript of this sermon, “The Man of God,” please request one in the comments below.

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