When Faith Transcends Doing Wrong

Greetings in the name of He who honors “faith!” 

I was scheduled to preach in Pakistan (via Skype) the other day at 11am EST.  Literally, the moment we were about to air, a text came in that said, “Service dismissed due to ‘death’.”  Please pray!  The nature of the message was “disturbing.”  These were Pastor Amir’s words.  Thanks for the prayers.

As to this week’s sermon, this was my post addressing the subject:

"When we pursue the things of God our faith transcends wrong (HOW we do WHAT we do), and God ultimately REWARDS that act of faith." #jacob #rahab #brotherandrew #midwives #obadiah #raoulwallenberg hijackedlife.com

The hash tags—Rahah the prostitute, the Hebrew midwives, Brother Andrew, Obadiah, Raoul Wallenberg and Jacob—are all examples of those who did what they were commanded not to do, in some cases, no, actually in most cases, lied to do what they were not supposed to do, and yet were honored by God.  Why?  Why would God honor the lie?  Why would God honor deception? 

This “WOW!” was given birth when one of our faithful ushers asked me (after the previous week’s Mother’s Day sermon), why God honored Jacob when what he did was wrong.  Everything has consequences.  Jacob’s deception, a learned parental trait, had its consequences—we’ll develop this truth—but, in the end, God rewarded Jacob’s faith in pursuing eternal things.

Soon you will be able to view the sermon right here on the blog!

In the meanwhile, If you’d like a transcript of this sermon, The WOW! Collection, pt. 9—When Faith Transcends Doing Wrong, let me know by filling out the form below.

In Jesus,


Loyalty is a man’s best friend. Josh1:9&Heb13:5/JBS 

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