Why A Thorned Crown?

The WOW! of Easter—A Thorned Crown. I love the paradoxes of Christianity (this looks long but it isnt’):

Last is first

Giving is getting

Scattering is gaining

Having nothing yet possessing all things

Serving is reigning

Meekness is strength

Humility is exaltation

Wisdom is being a fool for Christ

Freedom is being enslaved to Christ

Happiness is found when it is not sought

Seeing is trusting in what can’t be seen

Rest is being under the yoke of Christ

Smallness is greatness

Yielding is conquering

Losing is winning

Pardoning removes all offenses

Triumph is found in defeat

Dying is living

A thorned crown is a royal diadem

Victory is a THORNED CROWN!

Think about it!  Did the Romans not dress Jesus in purple when they mocked Him?  Why then not a gold, jeweled crown?  Why not at least a fake gold crown?  Why a thorn-ed crowned? Sorry, I’m not giving the WOW away.  If you want this sermon, you’ve got to ask for it.  Smile! 

Comment below you want more and the transcript is yours.

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