About Us

Why Hijacked Life?

Hijacked Life began when Dr. J. Bruce Sofia realized how great the need was, and still is, to help people rescue their dream. Life has a way of hijacking a person's value and purpose - suicide, divorce, lust, addiction, etc. - which does not have to be the case. Bruce Sofia believes a contributing factor in the scenario is because the pulpit often fails to address these issues from God's perspective.

In today's world, it is so easy for the enemy to whisper "the lie" into our thoughts through media, TV, music, Internet, classroom, literature, etc.. We at Hijacked Life strongly believe that the personal lives of children and adults of all ages are deeply wounded; marriages and families are shattered, reeling and confused by a culture that has strayed from the proven guidelines established by a loving and nurturing God. Hijacked Life offers a message of healing and hope, which does not disappoint.


Offering hope and healing in a chaotic and broken world.


Helping you rescue your God-given dream.


I [the LORD] set you apart...to give you hope and a future...to do good things.
                                                                                 Jer. 1:5, 29:11; Eph. 2:10