Ask The Pastor

In his more than 30 years of ministry, Rev. Dr. J. Bruce Sofia has fielded countless questions. Some have come across his desk while others have emerged from inquiring minds or broken lives as people poured their hearts out to him personally.  He has often found himself drying tears, engaging in fruitful debate, or simply listening — offering a shoulder when needed. Not one to shy away from tough questions or controversial topics however, Pastor Bruce always addresses these issues, both privately with those who ask the question and publicly head on from the pulpit. 

As a result, he has gathered quite a collection of thoughtful, heartfelt responses over the years on various subjects addressing questions like "Is it wrong to get a tattoo?" or "Will we recognize our loved ones in heaven?" and "How do you honor a parent you don't respect?"

 To find answers to your questions please place your curser on the "Ask The Pastor" icon in the main navigation bar. A menu with several relevant topics will drop down allowing you to choose and click on the subject of your choice. Go to that page, select your question and click on it to find Pastor Bruce’s response — it's that easy! 

If you can't find your particular question or interest and you would like to ask Pastor Bruce something specific, feel free to contact him, he would love to hear from you. Simply fill out the “Ask The Pastor” form and be sure to include an email address where you would like his answer sent so that he can get back to you.