Hope Beyond Suicide


Hope Beyond Suicide is J. Bruce Sofia's first book in the Hijacked Life—Rescue Your Dream series.

The answers in this book have been forged in the crucible of Dr. Sofia's profession and his love for people. They are not theoretical, powerless, ivory-tower sentiments. They are plucked from the corridors of research and the comforting arms of a God whose grace and understanding is immeasurable. 

Is there hope beyond suicide? Without question. Journey with the author through the “valley of the shadow of death” to healing and wholeness.

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What people are saying:

It’s true.  No situation provokes more thorny questions than suicide.  Hope Beyond Suicide is a healing resource for those dealing with the aftermath of or the angst of someone considering suicide.  We highly recommend this well-written book on a subject that is practically taboo.”  

~Steve Bell, Executive Vice President, Willow Creek Association, and Valerie Bell, Author/Speaker. Authors of Real Survivors: Finding Hope and Courage in Times of Crisis.

In this short, but powerful little book, Hope Beyond Suicide, Dr. Bruce Sofia gives to us a gentle, compassionate, clear biblical answer to one of the more difficult questions facing pastors, chaplains, and counselors today.  Truly filled with hope, this tool will prove a valuable resource to anyone seeking to comfort the survivors of the all too common tragedy of suicide.”

~Robert Fountain, National Police Suicide Foundation Trainer, Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress, Academy of Certified Master Chaplains, and Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Miami Beach, FL. 

"Hope Beyond Suicide is a great tool for everyone.  As a complex society, everyone will benefit from reading this book.  Although at first Pastor Sofia may appear to approve suicide by using Romans 6:15, the word of our FATHER of AVRAHAM, YISSAC, and YOSEPH clearly tells us that we are able to receive forgiveness and grace through our obedience.  Since 1986, I have witnessed Pastor Sofia's obedience to our FATHER.  I am excited that this book will comfort and help those who need understanding on this subject.  Having counseled hundreds of people and by personal experience, no one is exempt from this fragile suffering from within and beyond."

~Sara Copeland-White, wife of the late, legendary Hall of Famer, Reggie White #92