Love, Lust & Lies

A powerful pocket-sized book about how sex lies in some cases and tells the truth in others

How does one know when sex is telling the truth? Lust or love, which is it? 

In Love, Lust & Lies, Dr. J. Bruce Sofia masterfully exposes the sexual lie that is debasing our culture, while boldly revealing the truths that form vibrant and lasting relationships.

Check the facts!  It’s alarming!  Personal lives are deeply wounded, marriages broken, children, young people, and single adults of all ages are reeling and confused—wandering down a bewildering path of relational destruction.  So, what is the answer?

The author addresses such vital and life-infusing issues as:

  • Booze, unbridled conversation & sex
  • Sexual gratification – the statistics
  • Arranged marriages
  • The two great commandments for marriage
  • Physical attraction
  • But we’re already having sex!
  • Fornication
  • Relationships that last
  • And more

A must read for single adults of all ages, as well as teenagers and parents who don’t want to see their children or themselves become another statistic, Love, Lust & Lies 
realistically explores what truly makes for deeper, meaningful and lasting relationships.

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We bought 2 copes of Love, Lust & Lies yesterday. One for us to read before deciding if our daughter was too young to read (she's 14). I have to say I couldn't put it down. I think we'll read it with her so if she has questions we can answer them accordingly. Great read! Will be passing it along to a friend with older teens.

Stephanie Berg

As a Youth Pastor I am really excited to have Dr. Sofia's New Book  Love Lust & Lies as a great resource to read and refer to as we teach our teens to honor God in their relationships. This book is such a great blessing to youth ministry because it opens up discussions about sex in relationships before marriage.

I highly recommend this book as a teaching resource for youth groups in today's generation. The chapters in this book speak directly to some of the issues our teens face today in our feel good culture; if it feels good then it must be ok to do. If I love this person then its ok to have sex with them. The lie of the enemy is to do what we feel like doing instead of obeying the Word of God.
Dr. Sofia speaks about the "Lie" the enemy uses to steal the blessings and purpose God has set before each of us that are only attained through obedience in following God in His word and what he leads us to do.
Dr. Sofia makes it clear in Love Lust & Lies that God has given us a beautiful gift that should be cherished only in marriage. When we use or open the gift before marriage it causes heartache and pain that our God who is a loving father wanted to prevent us from experiencing! 
In this book Dr. Sofia has exposed the lie of the enemy and will lead our teens into the truth of Gods light! John 1:5 The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it!

Gina Kulikowski 
Youth Pastor GCCC
 "Word on the Street Ministries"