When Divorce Is Right

In When Divorce is Right, Dr. J. Bruce Sofia calls upon nearly 40 years of pastoral experience, biblical scholarship, and a shepherd's heart, bestowing an insightful perspective as to "when divorce is right."

With grace and grit, Dr. Sofia tackles such pivotal topics as responding to sexual infidelity, biblical reasons for divorce, dating while in the midst of divorce, and remaining in ministry after divorce. 

Although divorce leaves a wake of victims, there are also clear winners. 

Confiscating the stigma of divorce, Sofia leads the reader from devastation to hope and healing. 

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What people are saying:

Celebrity stylist and motivational speaker Martino Cartier:
When Divorce is Right is empowering without being judgmental.” 

Former Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Liberty University, VA J. Gordon Henry:
Anyone whose heart has been stirred by the tragedy of irreconcilable troubles in a marriage, either personally or vicariously, will profit from every sentence in When Divorce is Right.  He/she will see that Dr. Sofia has a pastor’s heart and has answers and insights from the Word of God brought alive by the Holy Spirit.  I have been enlightened in the sixty-first year of my ministry on this sensitive issue and recommend this book both in the pulpit and the pew.  You will be surprised at the level of understanding that will come to your heart and mind.  You will proclaim, “the Bible has the answer!

Author and Professor Nicholas DePace, M.D., F. A. C. C.: 
"The book When Divorce is Right is well written.  Pastor Bruce Sofia concedes that God may look at divorce as a “broken mirror.”  There is a solution to a bad relationship in an honorable fashion.  Pastor Sofia is correct in emphasizing the need to remove guilt on those who may have suffered through a divorce which was justified.  This is analogous to removing pain from an ill person, who suffers a malady, which he did not really contribute to with poor lifestyle, but he still feels guilty about having incurred."