Love, Lust & Lies


Lust or love, which is it? Sitcoms, pop stars, movies, online porn sites and much of Hollywood want us to believe that true love and lasting relationships are a thing of the past found only in old movies and romance novels. 

Love, Lust & Lies is Pastor Bruce Sofia's latest book in the Hijacked Life Series. He masterfully exposes the sexual lie that is debasing our culture, while boldly revealing the truths that form vibrant and lasting relationships. As a must read for single teens and adults of all ages, this book intriguingly wrestles with what truly makes for deeper, meaningful and lasting relationships.

Include a Study Guide. Also available in packs of 6 (30% off single price), 12 (40% off single price) and 20 (50% off single price) for groups of all ages. 

10% of proceeds from Love, Lust & Lies supports refugees in India and Philippines.

Publisher:  Yorkshire Publishing
Pages: 79
Product Dimensions: 7(h) x 4.25(w) x .25(d)